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Community Embedded Library Service outreach event display

Innovation and Inclusivity at Hennepin County Library

“There is a shift in the way people are thinking about the library,” Karina, Community Liaison at Oxboro Library, tells us. “Before, it was a place they didn’t see themselves…a place that had never been for them. Now, there is so much excitement and so much interest about the library. It’s absolutely incredible!"

New Connections
An adult helping a child with homework by the table surrounded by books

Homework Help

How do you help a person see and believe in their capabilities? What does it take to build relationships that engage and empower? Ask Homework Help tutors! These caring adults not only help boost student grades, understanding, and confidence, but forge partnerships that have a lasting impact. Read about neighborhood tutors offering wisdom, patience, and life-changing lessons at the library.

Woman in wheelchair reading a book

Library Outreach - At Home Services

The livelihood and quality of life of so many patrons depend on At Home Services, a program that sends materials directly to those who are homebound. One patron shared, “If not for this amazing service, I'd be left adrift with no land in sight.” 

Curios cat with reading glasses

Learn how your donation bridges gaps, enriches lives, and empowers our community to thrive.

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