Local Library Equity Fund: Supporting Justice for All


Many of you are asking us right now, what can we do to help?


In fact, we are receiving inquiries and donations from around the country (and world!) in support of our beloved library system and heartbroken community.  We are truly inspired. Thank you!

First and foremost, your donation will be used to help restore the libraries most affected by recent unrest in Minneapolis. In addition, a variety of other libraries are situated in the heart of neighborhoods that sustained damage. Your generosity will help fund new programs and resources focused on tackling the persistent poverty and inequality facing our black, brown and indigenous friends and neighbors. 

Each of our 41 library locations plays a critical role in supporting a fair, inclusive community that uplifts everyone, no exceptions. Our commitment to you is that every dollar you donate to the Local Library Equity Fund will be directed to supporting our library neighbors and patrons from historically marginalized communities to build a brighter more just future for everyone.

We are heartbroken, yes, but we are also moved by how our community has shown up for itself again and again, how we see people coming together to fight for justice and meaningful change. The library sees you, stands with you, is here for you. We will build tomorrow together.

Thank you for giving generously as you are able.


Photo credit (above): Tim Gruber, New York Times