Humans of Hennepin County Library

I come here every two or three days. I come to clear my head and make music. We can make our own beats. I write down lyrics that talk about my life and I put it down into a song.

Music’s a very important thing in my life because you can tell your story. It’s like connecting, because I know some people can relate to what I’ve been through. It has meaning to it. Like country music, it really has meaning to it. Where they stay, where they’re from, what’s happening around them. I love music like that.

I had a hard life as a young kid, me and my brothers and sisters. My dad passed, so I grew up without him. My mom always needed help in her struggle, so I had to help her out as a young kid. And as a kid, you keep a lot of anger in. So music helps me stay calm. Helps me focus. Helps me move on from what I was just thinking about. Helps me move on from the past.

This is a good place for young people to come. They can actually stay out of trouble here. They can have fun, be positive, and get away from all the negativity. They can relax and make new friends. Friends who want to see them do better, do good. Be motivated. I met a lot of people here who are cool and nice. We’re actually like family now, because we’ve been here so long.

Music is the perfect thing for me. I don’t want to be sitting in jail or something like that. I’d rather do good with my life.


Tommy at the Best Buy Teen Tech Center at Hennepin County Library — Minneapolis Central.