Humans of Hennepin County Library

I had a layover here, so I was like, ‘I have to stop at the library.’ That’s what I usually do whenever I’m in a city. I like to see what different places have to offer for their libraries. I just came back from Chicago, I was in North Dakota. I’ve been in so many libraries. I’m here just reading as much as I can before I get on my flight.

My mom didn’t want me to watch TV because she thought it was brainwashing.

She was like, ‘You have to read, you have to read. You have to educate yourself if you want to succeed in life. Knowledge is power.’ So it’s very important to me.

I think the public library is something that society needs. You can learn so many things that you aren’t taught in the school systems. People wonder why certain things are happening in the world and the library is a place where you can answer some of the questions that you have. I just think it’s a really cool place. People don’t take advantage of it as much as they should.


Erica at Hennepin County Library — Minneapolis Central