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MNspin is an online music streaming platform with a growing collection of Minnesota's own albums curated by local experts. Since its launch in 2017—thanks to your generous support—the platform connects musicians with new audiences, giving Minnesota artists exposure and listeners the opportunity to explore the rich local music scene.


MNspin pays musicians for
the rights
to share
each album.

MNspin features Minnesota’s incredible range of musical talent, from hip-hop, jazz, and underground rock, to mariachi, reggae, country, and more! In an effort to support local artists financially, MNspin pays musicians for the rights to share each album—funding that would not have been possible without your support.


The first-ever MNspin Live Concert at The Hook and Ladder

Friends of HCL and HCL were thrilled to present the first-ever MNspin Live Concert on August 21, 2018, at The Hook and Ladder in Minneapolis. The event as emceed by hip-hop artist, educator, and producer Toki Wright with music performed by UZZA, Siama, Katy Vernon and The Federales. 


HCL is helping artists gain greater exposure & music lovers delve deeper.

Through MNspin, HCL is helping artists gain greater exposure, and music lovers delve deeper into the local music scene by exploring new hometown sounds. Anyone can stream the music by some of Minnesota’s most talented musicians, and library patrons can download the music to carry with them wherever they go.

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