Launching the Next Generation of Readers

Passing on a journey that lasts a lifetime

The Library is One of  the Greatest Forces Fueling the Next Generation of Readers

Every year, thousands of families depend on Hennepin County Library to spark their children's passion for reading. Thanks to your support, the Children's Collection at our library continues to be the largest and the most diverse in the Upper Midwest. 

Access to Books Enables Opportunities for Investigation

Research shows that children growing up in homes with at least twenty books have the equivalent of three years more schooling than children from bookless homes, independent of their parents' education, occupation and class. Children like to explore, question and use their imaginations, and this positive cycle of learning is fueled by our library.

There is such power in finding the first book where you see yourself.

~ Chelsea Couillard-Smith, Senior Librarian

The library’s collections department is intentional about making sure that children and families see themselves represented on the shelves at the library. Your donation ensures a wide variety of titles are available to young readers while also often purchasing titles from local authors.

Continuing the Good Work

Research tells us that creating a steady stream of new, age-appropriate books has been shown to nearly triple interest in reading within months. All of this important work of supporting our youngest readers is being done thanks to support from Friends like you.

Two kids reading a book in a beanbag chair

Build Empathy

With a diverse range of books, children see not only themselves, but learn about people and experiences that are different than them.

Family browsing kids books

Improve Grades

Children in homes with access to at least twenty books have the equivalent of three years more schooling than children from bookless homes.

Somali storytime at the library

Gain Knowledge

With the help of expert librarians, children can pursue their passions and find the right books that spark their desire to dig deeper.

Family browsing the library shelves

Support Graduation

Kids who are at current grade reading level by 4th grade have a much higher chance of graduating from high school on time.

Two teens reading in beanbag chairs

Open Doors

Our library allows 50 items to be checked out at a time, helping kids explore as many books as possible to open doors every day.

Happy mom and daughter sitting in bead reading

Inspire Imaginations

With the library's wide-ranging collection, children can engage with thousands of stories that spark their imagination.

Young curly hair child hides his smile behind an open book

The Benefits of Reading are Endless!

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