2015 Tribute Gifts

In 2015, 334 generous individuals made tribute and memorial gifts in support of the Library.

 Tribute and memorial gifts in support of Hennepin County Library are among the most enduring and meaningful ways to honor a loved one. Below is a list of tributees and donors for gifts received between January 1 and December 31, 2015.

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Person(s) Honored


Audrey Allen Courtney Backen
Evelyn L. Armstrong David and Ruth Duffy
Carter Augustine Anne Johnson
Michael Belzer Susan Gray and Paul Waytz
Charles Block Richard E Block
Gordon Carlson Gordon and Helen Carlson
Kathy Clark Diane Anderson
Margaret L. Dahl Daryl Popkes
Emily Day Mary P. Barnes
  Thomas W. Day
  John and Barbara Devlin
  Virginia Morris
  Vicky Trocke
Maryellen and Mark Digre Lisa and Troy Tillman
Lois Barbara Dinzl-Goulet Rita Martinez
Susan Dockman Susan and Arnie Zuckman
Roberta L. Donaghue Deborah Donaghue
Mary Doty Michael Addy and Nancy Johnson
  Donald and Jean Alsop
  Paul H. Anderson
  Annette Andrews
  Sally and Peter Anson
  Paul Applebaum
  Chester and Connie Baker
  Thomas and Margit Berg
  John and Beverly Bergford
  Arnold and Norma Bloomquist
  Floyd and Birdene Boline
  Marilyn A. Borea
  Hildy Bowbeer
  Arthur J. Boylan
  Celeste Bremer
  Barbara Brin and John Beal
  Leo I. Brisbois
  Frederick and Judith Brown
  Nancy and John Burbidge
  Geraldine F. Burns
  Nancy Cambronne
  Norman and Janet Carpenter
  Jack and Fay Chestnut
  Jesseca Cockson
  Karen Collier
  Marilyn Conklin
  Laurence and Naomi Crepeau
  J. Michael Dady
  Justin and Adele Dingfelder
  Sara and John Donaldson
  Ann Esta Doty
  Daniel and Pamela Doty
  David J. and Dorothea G. Doty
  David S. Doty
  Douglas Doty and Luann Brenno
  Edwin Doty
  John W. Doty
  Lisa S. Doty
  Michael Doty
  W. Herbert Doty
  Anita S. Duckor
  Leroy Erickson and Marna Hansen
  Marian and Michal Galajda
  Mary R. and John D. Gould
  Pat Ryan Greene
  Jean Gridley
  Miriam M. Gunnerson
  John and Grace Harkness
  Sarah B. Harris
  Edward Hathaway
  Thomas and Janine Heffelfinger
  Staci and Nathan Heichert
  Jean Heidenreich
  Susan M. Humiston
  Richard C. Johnson
  Jasmine Z. Keller
  Thomas A. Keller, III
  John and Barbara Kohler
  Nancy B. Kweik
  Kathleen M. Lamb
  Dorothy E. Lamberton
  Debra Lancette
  William A. Levin
  Dorothy Lilja
  Ernest and Jeanne Lindstrom
  Kevin Lowry
  Janet and Dean Lund
  Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Co, LLP
  Paul A. Magnuson
  Jeffrey and Margaret
  James and Jane Ann Martin
  Vivian Mason
  Charles and Patricia McGinty
  William and Cynthia McNab
  Helen Metz and Ray Harris
  Cecilia Michel and Richard Villalta
  Robert and Marveen Minish
  Robert Moilanen and Marlene Senechal
  Marcia L. Morris
  James and Franchelle Mullin
  Thomas and Susan Nelson
  Franklin Noel and Ellen Perl
  Bruce A. Norback
  Clarence and Jean Norrbom
  Mary E. Olin
  Carl J. Olson
  Shirley S. Olson
  William and Elizabeth Otteson
  Gus and Carol Parpas
  Ann and Felix Phillips
  Christopher Pinahs
  Rebecca Planer
  Thomas Plunkett
  Russell and Lisa Ponessa
  Mary Claire and John Potter
  Quaker Hill Foundation
  Conrad Razidlo
  Camilla Reiersgord
  Michael D. and Emily Reif
  Walter and Jodell Rockenstein
  Linda and Allen Saeks
  Earl and Barbara Flanagan Sanford
  Haley Schaffer
  Patrick and Elizabeth Schiltz
  Roger and Angie Schnobrich
  Judith Schwartau
  Inez and Lyall Schwarzkopf
  Douglas and Hilory Seaton
  Lee Sheehy and Cathy Lawrence
  Ames Sheldon and Andrew Currie
  Eric and Jennifer Sherman
  Michael Shoop and Joyce Prudden
  Richard and Ellen Sletten
  Charles A. Slocum
  Ortrie Smith
  Jerry and Katherine Snider
  Robert A. Stein
  Heidi Stennes
  Lyle E. Strom
  Michael and Sandra Swirnoff
  The Honorable Michael J. Davis
  The Minikahda Club
  T. R. Thornton
  Virginia Timmerman
  Parker Trostel
  Thomas Vogt
  Julia F. Wallace
  Jon and Sally Westby
  Richard and Sandra Westby
  Robert Whitlock and Margaret Weber
  Whitney Foundation
  Rolfe and Kathleen Worden
  Alyssa Rebensdorf and Kirk Wythers
Mary and David Doty Sara Jones
Allen L. DuFault Julie Kay Benson
  Wendy and Ron Gaveske
  Cindy and Rick Mueller
  Karen and Cameron Obert
  James and Cheryl Zagaros
David Duff Kathleen Dambro
  Elizabeth Fling
  Grand Superior Homeowners
  Olive Grose
  John Wheelihan and Tom Hunt
  Georgia Johnson
  Whitney and Betty MacMillan
  Katherine B. Murphy
  Sally Boyd Polk
  Craig and Maureen Shaver
  Ames Sheldon and Andrew Currie
  Emily Anne Tuttle
  Mary W. Vaughan
Harriet Dukelow MK Champa
  Cathryn Colborn
  Ruth Dukelow
  Julie Hanson
Ann Maureen Winifred Ellinson Don Mabley-Allen
Thora E. Fletcher Edward and Frances Fletcher
John M. Ford Richard Oberdorfer
Anne and Lois Fraser Memorial Fund Mary Strand and Thomas Fraser
Stephen French Abby Roza and Erika Sass
Kenzie and Matt Goodburn Patty Goodburn
Evelyn E. Gross Charles and Mary Larson
James Halverson Linnea Sodergren
R. Thomas Hawes Elizabeth Olson
Dulcey Heller HCL Officially Withdrawn
Wesley Simonton Disciplined Growth Investors
James Johnson David Enge
  Debera Mueller
Muriel G. Johnson Susan Lehrer
Dave Johnston Susan Gray and Paul Waytz
Elizabeth Kennedy Pojar Friends of Edina Library
  Louise Price
Lauren Kessen Lauren Fries and Christian Brink
Matthew Kesti Robert D. Anderson
  John and Cindy Banovetz
  Mike Kesti and Jennifer May
  Adeline May
  Leslie Melnyk
  Linda Templeton
  James Verbrugge
Helen Kleinfehn Susan Gray and Paul Waytz
Constance Koepke Hardacre Jennifer Hardacre
Dorothy Kohn Jane and Mike McLain
Patricia Jo D. Kulisheck Candace Anderson
  Jaffa Frank
  Christopher E. Hamrin
  Richard Kulisheck
  Sharon Wood
Dick Langlois Susan Gray and Paul Waytz
Peg Larson Cheryl Rackner
Mary Lawson Janice Feye-Stukas
Sadie Lourdes Walker Gunter and Susan Dittmar
Collette Fox Mary Pouch Meador
Richard Milton Anderson Michael Anderson
Frances Naftalin William G. Asp
  Beth S. Naftalin
  David and Marie Naftalin
  Warren Park
Louise Nawrocki Carol and Donald Martina
Cheryll Nelson Joan Mathieu
Abby Norling-Ruggles Robert Lawson
Ron Odman Gail Gaarder
Laverne Orwoll Steve and Tristen Lindemann
Sylvia Ouellette Gene and Mary Aitkens
  Robert J. Anderson
  Wayne and Jennifer Antilla
  Donald Bailey
  George and Rosie Brunek
  Lee Burris
  Louise Mary Burris
  Kathleen Cecere
  Rosemary Charboneau
  Kristine and Dominic Cotroneo
  Paula Cwikly
  Steven C. DeLapp
  Mildred Felling
  Teresa Ford
  Ruby Gerner
  Dawn Goebel
  Verne and Judy Goodwin
  Mary Hall
  Janice Hallberg
  Lynn April Hartline
  Frank Iacarella
  Jane M. Kibler
  Jack and Maureen Kimmes
  Randy and Mary Klauk
  Lucille LaGrange
  Dave and Deborah Loomis
  Jim Marino and Robbie Keller
  Elizabeth Martin-Hinton
  Mark and Debbie Nelson
  Mark and Kimberly Obrycki
  Kurt and Shelly Olson
  Violet Olson
  Paul and Janet Ouellette
  Christine Palmer
  Shirley Peterson
  Maureen and John Reinhart
  Mary Righetti
  Char Romanowski
  Tom and Bea Romanowski
  Kathleen and Michael Ruhland
  Dave and Darla Schnabl
  Heidi Schuster and Paul Knutson
  Patricia and Louis Seiler
  Sandra and Myron Sivertson
  Chris and Carla Sloan
  Bob Sohlberg
  Larry Sohlberg
  Eugene and Donna Szymanski
  The Rosary Guild
  Russ and Michelle Treatel
  Donald and Barbara Trueman
  Teresa and Johnny Trueman-Madriaga
  Wells Fargo - EM&CS
  Gary and Georgette Winter
  Randy and Nancy Zueleger
Sarah Payne Kathryn L. Steinberger
Marion S. Poteete Frances Hage
  Michel Schaar
Sharon Powell Patrick Burns
Larry Reynolds Judith Reynolds
Mike Ring and Flannery Clark Deborah Elizabeth Tuck
Stephanie Rollag and Patrick Yoon Alan and Dixie Aanenson
  Joan Bechtold
  Tom and Donna Bliss
  Heather and Ole Bore
  John Breen
  Mary and Luke Breen
  Nathan Campeau
  Debra E Collins
  Glen Drobot
  Merv Eriksson
  Kim Folkers
  Jacqueline Geissler
  Gary Golla
  Whitney Hansen
  Steffanie Haring
  Lori Helman
  Elizabeth and Timothy Hiller
  Patrick Horrigan
  Kirsten Jamsen
  Candace Jones
  Sierra Keenan
  Donald and Lona Klosterbuer
  Richard and Kathleen Kyle
  Naomi Loges
  Lauren McClain
  Valerie Meyer
  Mary Moeller
  Erin Mohr
  Christine Mullady
  Suanne Ohme
  Michael and Debby Olson
  Liz Peterson
  Kate Razavi
  Kaelyn Riley
  Anne and Wayne Schmieg
  Beth Schmieg
  Julia Shepherd
  Anne Skoglund
  David Stephen
  Karis Thompson
  Muriel Thompson
  Jessica Tierney
  Elizabeth Tilstra
  Harold and Mary Tilstra
  Michael Tilstra
  Anand Vora
  Terri Wallace
  Brian Ward
  Mark Woell
Doris Saul and Margaret Wells Winnie and Keith Lindstam
Judith A. Schmidt Steve and Lois Parker
Gail See Margaret Telfer and Ed McConaghay
Mary Senne Loraine Baker
  Nancy and Douglas LeMay
  Carole Monterotti
  Marilyn M. Moon
  Stephen and Patricia Preston
  Linda Slocum
  Steven and Catherine Webster
Jean Sidman Judith Landrum
Wesley Simonton Kenneth and Kathleen Hagen
  Rita Hagen
  Ruth Herrmann
  Catherine Kriske
  Mary Jane Lippert
  Andrew Malec
  Nancy Rose
  Maxine Wallin
John G. Skogmo Thomas M. Moris & Family
  Jane Tilka and William Dolan
Pat and Doug Spaulding Stephen and Alicen Spaulding
Sally Stalley Alexandra Drivas
  Christie Ann Franken
James Stegmueller Judith Stegmueller
Matthew Stenross Barbara Stenross
  William Stenross
Myrna Rose Strand John and Susan Dunlop
Dolly Swanson Susan Gray and Paul Waytz
Deborah Tabert Emmy Lou Jacobson
Penny Thompson-Burke Susan and Daniel Burke
Carol Van Hale Joy Dean
Robert Waite Sarah Waite
Patricia Wasson Molly Pittman
  Karen Voss
Betsy Williams Christine Cundall
  Kathleen Sara Johnson
  Lois Lenroot-Ernt and Robert Ernt
  Sheila Matthews
Helen Wold Johnson Deborah Wold Lewis
Lisa and Joe Wright Winnie and Keith Lindstam
Becky Yagyu The Estate of Yukiko (Becky) Yagyu
Jackie and Stan Zimmerman Bruce and Susan Hammer