Talk of the Stacks
February 27, 2018

Member Survey

"I’m really thankful for all the people here . . . even though I’m not from here, they make me feel like I am welcome and I really appreciate it."
"I didn’t go to college or earn a big degree, but I resourced my education, especially the language, from the library."
"My mom, my sister and I came to America during the war in Liberia. We were comfortable here because there were other people from Liberia."
"I come to the library three or four times a week. I own a small business and it’s a productive way for me to get a lot of things done . . . I do a lot of critical writing and thinking here."
"I come here every two or three days. I come to clear my head and make music. I write down lyrics that talk about my life and I put it down into a song."
"I have a background in teaching and I learned that reading is the best thing I can do for my kids educationally."
"I think the public library is something that society needs."
"I think that this library is very important to the community. Those who come here and can connect will find the assistance they need for whatever the problem might be."


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