Humans of Hennepin County Library

I’m here at least once a week, mostly picking up books I’ve reserved through the library website. It’s great because even if the book isn’t here, they will get it from another Hennepin County Library. And this year I discovered interlibrary loans, so I can get a book from anywhere in Minnesota and it doesn’t cost me anything. I’ve even gotten an organizational library card because then I can check out more books. I can check out a hundred books at a time and sometimes we’ve had that many.

I have a background in teaching and I learned that reading is the best thing I can do for my kids educationally. Just reading aloud to them. Even if I did nothing else, that would help them so much. We read for at least a half hour every day, sometimes more. They get stickers and they earn prizes. And it’s increased their vocabulary. They use certain words and I’m like, ‘Where did you...? Oh, we probably read that word in a book.’

I have a big book list because I homeschool my kids. One of the suggested readings was the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, which I loved as a kid. But I thought of them as ‘girl books,’ until we read them again. They are SO not girl books. They really loved them.”


Tricia with Josiah, Nathaniel and Zachary at Hennepin County Library — Brooklyn Park.