Humans of Hennepin County Library

I come here every Saturday. Mainly I get CDs or DVDs, but I have a couple of books right now. One on relaxation and one on exercising. If I’m not happy when I get here, I will be when I leave because I’ll speak with the people who are working at the desk and we’ll have a good conversation about whatever I’m interested in. I leave here with a smile on my face.

I first came here because I’m dyslexic. That’s the reason why most of my items are CDs, because I listen to audiobooks. I’m in my mid-seventies now, so starting in my fifties I came here. I had a Reading Lab instructor and we worked together for a couple of years. You’d come in and they would help you with whatever level you were at with books. Broke everything down into sounds and helped you get through it. After my class I would go upstairs and go through my lesson. At that point, I was coming here at least three days a week.

Most of the time, those with dyslexia read word-by-word, letter-by-letter. It’s jerky, just like in first grade. If you don’t get into a flow, everything stays jerky and you might not know what you read. I can come here and I can get a flow for three or five minutes. On occasion, I end up with a big smile because I got it for fifteen minutes.

I think that this library is very important to the community. Those who come here and can connect will find the assistance they need for whatever the problem might be. They will work with you and find the right people to help. If they can’t do it right here, they will give you directions for where to go. They care about you. The staff is very important to the people who walk in that front door. Otherwise it’s just a building.


John at Hennepin County Library — Sumner