Humans of Hennepin County Library

Last year I was studying Child Development, so after I dropped my kids off at school in the morning I would come here. After school I would pick them up and we’d come back here until the library closed. Because at the library I could focus more and I could get help from the people who work here. If I had a question, I could come to them and they would help me. (Librarian) Julie was my main supporter. If I didn’t understand an assignment, she would give me ideas. She would encourage me. There’s lot of encouragement in this place.

My mom, my sister and I came to America during the war in Liberia. We were comfortable here because there were other people from Liberia. We understood each other. It was nice. But high school and junior high were very difficult. Half of the teachers didn’t understand us when we talked because of our accents, but we understood them. The kids in school made fun of us. They called us all types of names. Negative stuff. It was hard. I used to cry and tell my mom I wanted to go back to Africa because I thought Africa would be better. But I never quit. I went through twelfth grade and then I left. Everything’s okay now.

I went into Child Development so I can go back to Liberia and work with kids. My goal is to build a school. I have the land already but I don’t have the finances to build it. That’s my dream, to help the kids. God blessed me and brought me here, but I don’t want to forget where I came from. I want to help. I want the kids in Africa to have the opportunities that I have here.


Gormah at Hennepin County Library — Brooklyn Park.