Humans of Hennepin County Library

We come here three or four times a week. My kids have their own library cards and they check out a lot of books. I have a ten year old who loves to read. They have these Accelerated Reader (AR) points in school for reading, so that’s a huge driving force for her. She goes through a book every two days. Jacob hangs out in the younger kid’s section.

When I was a single mom with three children, the library was a healing place for all of us. I’d put him in the stroller and my two girls would bike and we’d go to the library. Everybody picked their own place and the girls would sit and read. He was one or two years old, so I would find a beanbag chair and we’d sit and read aloud. It was a quiet time for us to process things.

I had to set a lot of boundaries for the kids to make sure that they read. For screen time, we had to put on parental controls. It’s hard to create boundaries at home, whereas if I bring them here, they don’t have a choice.

It’s a good habit. It helps you focus and relax. That’s my down time. I can sit on a couch and read and know that they are safe in here.


Bonagh and Jacob at Hennepin County Library — Southdale.